Solar Wars – Using Light to Fight

While it’s true that the world is experiencing a longer peace relative to any other time period in history, that doesn’t necessarily mean that countries aren’t looking for alternatives to traditional modern warfare weapons. In particular, solar energy and solar weapons have been making great strides in providing countries with the means to keep their troops well-supplied. Of course, solar weaponology has evolved over the years to provide more than just a clean and reliable energy solution. With that in mind, here are some of the interesting ways that the United States and other military forces are adapting solar weapons for use against enemies both at home and abroad.

The Firefly

As important as logistical planning is to modern warfare weapons, nowhere is this more evident than in the Hostile Fire Detection Sensor, otherwise known as the Firefly. Originally planned as a hostile gunfire sensor that could pinpoint the location of enemy combatants, initial testing revealed that it was simply too costly to operate. With advances in solar weaponology though, the Firefly can now be safely run in locations that were previously deemed unacceptable.


Designed and produced in 2008, the Firestrike system is a complex array of solar guns that are able to accurately dismantle cruise missiles before they’re able to reach their target.

The Active Denial System

Perhaps one of the most famous advances in solar weaponology, the Active Denial System is just one of many solar guns that are currently being employed by the United States military. What the Active Denial System lacks in lethality it makes up for in its ability to pacify large populaces at an effective range of several football fields.

MK38 Tactical Laser System

While it’s true that the MK38 Tactical Laser System is at the forefront of solar guns, that doesn’t necessarily mean it lacks the traditional firepower of modern warfare weapons. Thanks to the integration of the laser system with an MK38 25-mm machine gun, the MK38 Tactical Laser System is able to dispose of foes in a variety of dangerous situations.

As technology and solar weaponology continue to make advances, the list of applicable uses for solar guns is sure to increase as well. As always, the future looks bright, no doubt thanks to the harnessed light that is being used to pacify those that would bring harm to the world.