Solar Power for Pets

Solar technology is on the rise – it is an initiative that supports energy efficiency, energy savings, and less reliance on the planet’s flagging fossil fuels. While these are all great reasons for developing solar technology, for pet owners in particular, there is a lighter side too. Solar for pets has given birth to some fabulous new gadgets, toys, apps, and devices just for pets. Today, pet owners can browse solar for dogs, solar for cats, and solar for other pets as well. This short article lists just some of the great inventions that harness the power of solar pet tech.

Solar for Cats: The Solar Cat Chaser

Cats love fast-moving toys they can chase and leap after. But most of those toys are battery-powered – and batteries aren’t cheap! So now solar pet tech has birthed toys that are activated by the sun’s power to move and leap and dance in front of pet cats. These toys help indoor cats stay fit and healthy and provide lots of mental stimulation. Best of all, when not in use, the toy stores up solar energy and uses its motion sensor to detect movement so it can start up a new game at any time.

Solar for Dogs: The Dog Treadmill

Dogs need exercise too – but not all dogs enjoy taking long walks or going for an outdoor run, and some climates are not conducive to outdoor activities. This is why solar pet tech has invented the dog treadmill, a solar powered device that comes with a training DVD so owners can train their dogs to walk indoors.

Solar for Pets: Remote Pet Feeder

Perhaps one of the best inventions for busy pet owners on the go is the remote pet feeder. It comes with an app and a viewing camera that allows you to dispense food remotely if you can’t make it home by your pet’s dinner time. Best of all, there are versions that can be used for different types of animals, from dogs and cats to pigs, horses, and even cows.

With the amazing advances in solar technology, pets can get exercise, eat, and play without owners having to spend a dime on energy.