Living Off the Grid in a Solar RV

For the true RV connoisseur, nothing is more satisfying than a real off-road, off-grid experience. And nothing ruins it quicker than excessive power needs.

In an RV, every action you take requires power, from pumping water to running your microwave or TV. You might be using your generator often, and trying to live in your RV as you would at home.

But living in an attached way completely negates the freedom and power of an RV, a solar RV in particular. And while you may not be able to run all the same appliances as often as you’re used to, you’ll be surprised at how easy it can be to find yourself living solar.

There is usually enough room on top of any RV to accommodate a solar panel, or a panel can be hauled out and placed in the sun. Any solar panel can be integrated into your power grid so that ‘battery power’ will be always available, and because of the sun, always topped off. Therefore, your pump will work, your fan and lights. If you add a little device known as an inverter, and if you have several batteries capturing energy from the sun, you can even run those modern devices that used to require a generator. Suddenly, you are solar camping, enjoying Nature in a remote location, while running your essential computer programs. Solar camping is a powerful antidote to today’s frantic, power-hungry pace.

Mobile solar works as well as solar on a house or a building.

In fact, mobile solar can be more effective, given the fact that the driver of a vehicle can choose where to park, and move frequently during the day in order to ‘follow the sun.’ So, while panels on a roof may be manipulated to a degree, on a vehicle there’s much more flexibility.

There are so many benefits to living full time in your RV, and living solar increases your options exponentially. The solar RV is an idea whose time is come, and people are more reluctant than ever to spend so much on energy needs, when they see how economical it is to live solar.