Solar Products – How We’re Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Solar power may be the most underused natural resource in the U.S., but some are using solar gadgets and gear every day to take advantage of this abundant natural resource. While the sun may not shine every day, many cool solar devices can harvest enough energy to power or charge batteries for a variety of devices.

Solar Phone Chargers

These chargers are real conveniences for cell phone users who forget to plug their chargers in. Placed in a sunny spot, it won’t take long to charge up the battery in a pinch.

Solar Motion Sensors

Some people increase their safety by using solar motion sensors that have a small charging station that’s capable of charging the battery, even on a cloudy day. The motion sensors work just like hardwired units, but there’s no complicated wiring or installation needed. Solar Lighting A solar gadget that lights a home or yard is truly useful. The solar panel sits nearby and users can set the lamp anywhere they need supplemental lighting without needing access to power. Whether the lights are placed around a pathway or illuminate a tent, this type of solar gear serves has many uses.

Solar Cooking

Solar cooking is one of the safest, easiest ways to cook and bake food, especially for outings, camping and picnics. Shiny reflectors focus sunshine on a dark pot enclosed in a cooking bag, resulting in safely cooked food without using any fuel or electricity. Dollar for dollar, this kind of solar swag represents the most affordable way to use the sun.

Solar Toys

These solar gadgets can amuse young and old alike. Placed in the sunshine, they operate without batteries, making them some of the most eco-friendly solar gadgets.


Another good way to express solar swag is with a backpack that has a solar charger built into it, especially for people who are outdoors, walking or cycling to school or work. Cool solar backpacks are available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes that charge phones, tablets, GPS units and even laptops.

Solar Calculators

These devices charge themselves even in low light conditions and work dependably for years. These are just some of the solar gear that everyday Americans use to reduce their dependency on nonrenewable energy sources and make life more convenient. Each is an affordable way to harvest the powerful resource sunshine provides.