What If? Government Wants to Rent Your Roof For Weapons Storage


Put Your Roof Up For Rent

Every homeowner has a roof, and every roof is capable of hosting any number of solar projects. While a simple solar panel is commonplace, solar weapons and solar weaponology can be placed on a homeowner’s roof. Not only can the homeowner make money from these modern warfare weapons, but the homeowner can profit every month from something that may never need to be used.

Solar Guns Are Low-Maintenance

When the homeowner rents their roof to the government or a government contractor, they are renting the physical surface area of the roof. A roof can offer the proper amount of space for mounted solar guns or solar weapons. Without the assistance of homeowners who have property is ideal location, these weapons could never be mounted for the national defense.

Solar Weaponology Has Fringe Benefits

The solar power that is collected to operate the weapons can also be used by the homeowner when the weapon is not in use. Renting the rooftop for the solar weaponology brings in a payment every month, but the extra payment of excess solar energy can be a wonderful benefit to the homeowner.

Modern warfare weapons such as solar guns and solar weaponology are able to provide for the national defense and help citizens at the same time. Any citizen who is able to rent their roof for a solar weapon is also able to benefit from the solar energy that is collected for the weapon.

Homeowners must recall that their roof is quite large and there are many cases when they may never see the weapon that has been mounted. While these weapons can be large, they are not eyesores, and the proper positioning of the gun can keep it out of public view. Renting the rooftop can provide a little extra money for the family and solar energy, too.

In case you didn’t know, this is satire.