Solar Celebrity Profile – Ed Begley Jr.


Ed Begley Jr. is a well-known actor turned environmentalist who looks to be having a lot of fun turning his living space into a sustainable, eco-friendly oasis.

However, his love affair with green living was not developed overnight. Ed has lived an eco-friendly lifestyle even before it became popular in mainstream society. In fact, some may say that it was his celebrity and passion for the cause that helped push eco-friendly living into the view of mainstream society. From his vegan diet to his trademark hybrid electric vehicles, Ed Begley Jr. is undoubtedly a pioneer of modern green living so it was no surprise to see this attitude spill over into his home’s design. The show Living with Ed documents his and Rachelle’s home renovations and their humorous interactions with their neighbor Bill Nye. Here are a few of the eco-friendly features that Ed and Rachelle incorporated into their home.

Garage Mounted Solar Electric System

Although Ed has recently experimented with wind powered electric systems, he has used photovoltaic electric systems for years to power his famously green home in Studio City, California. Ed’s single story home was not in an ideal location to fully take advantage of solar power because it was overshadowed by a neighbor’s two-story dwelling. Ed used an innovative system design which mounted atop his garage and angled to follow the sun and capture its energy as it crossed his dwelling. When questioned about solar electric power systems’ viability, he proved an enthusiastic fan of the alternative energy solution. However, he advocates conducting an energy audit of one’s home and making it energy-efficient before investing in any alternative energy solution.

Water Capture Tank and Purification System

Not satisfied with simply collecting rain water in the convenient barrels placed underneath the drains of his home, Ed opts for a 10,000 gallon water capture tank. Now he and Rachelle use a LifeSource system to filter and purify the water they collect. Ed uses the unfiltered variety to water his backyard garden and fruit trees.

Vegetable Garden and Drought Resistant Landscaping

The Ed Begley Jr. solar home is completed with a productive vegetable garden enhanced by fruit trees that thrive in the California sun. His obsession with composting to naturally build up the nutrients in the soil is legendary on the Living with Ed reality television series. The garden saves him and his family money on their food bill.


Some may look upon the Ed Begley Jr. solar home as just an amazing tribute to an incredibly cheap man. However, his energy-saving tips are just what is needed in most homes and communities.