New England Solar Power

New England is a perfect place to install solar panels

Going solar in New England has many benefits, and both homes and businesses can take advantage of the world’s newest adaptation to the energy crisis. Solar power is a fantastic alternative to fossil fuels and general power supplies, and the cost of solar energy is relatively small compared to that derived from monthly electric bills.

New England Has Benefits & Savings Programs In Place for People & Businesses Who Invest In SolaR POWER

New England is solar-friendly, and states like Massachusetts have created a name for themselves across the country by supplying homeowners with incentives and rebates to reduce solar array costs. A solar electric system often pays itself off within four to eight years, and individuals selecting New England solar power will experience big savings on electric bills. Once the system is paid for, homeowners can experience free electricity for decades. Roughly 250 per cent can be saved with an initial investment, and choosing solar power is great in both summer and winter months.

In months providing little sunlight, winter solar power is optimized by utilizing renewable and back-up resources stored from other months. Professional and family-friendly engineers and designers often install reliable and high-quality solar electric systems capable of storing enhanced amounts of energy at a time, and solar fans can be added to increase cooling properties during hot months, too.

Stored energy supplies ample heat on days providing little sunlight, and the non-polluting energy is ideal for winter solar power for homeowners without the use of fossil fuels. Energy costs are saved with winter solar power, and a highly-qualified team can often circumvent costly expenditures within months with little sunlight.

Selecting solar power is a fantastic choice, and New England states often offer rebate applications, utility interconnections and permitting for both homes and businesses. Individuals taking advantage of an energy audit, mandated by select states, can “go live” with a selected solar power plan. Upon installation, customers can begin saving money.

Below: A graph depicting savings by switching to solar power in Massachusetts. Other New England states may have greater or lesser savings, benefits, tax deductions, etc. It’s a good idea overall of how buying solar in New England can benefit you.