How to Rent Solar in Arizona

With over 320 days of sunshine each and every year, Arizona enjoys more sun than any other state, making it the perfect location for solar power.

When rising energy bills are added to the equation, Arizona solar energy just makes sense. Unfortunately, the average solar system can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000, and although solar systems may be able to save households $70,000 or more over a twenty-year period, they have been financially out of reach for many Arizona residents. Today, however, many solar installers in Arizona are offering solar leasing options, allowing countless households to benefit from solar energy with no out-of-pocket expenses.

Prior to 2010, most Arizona homeowners who made the wise decision to switch to Arizona solar energy had to purchase Arizona solar panels and pay for their installation, which costs tens of thousands of dollars, even after any solar rebates for Arizona homeowners has been deducted. However, over 90 percent of solar installations in Arizona homes today are done through the use of an affordable and convenient solar lease or power purchase agreement.

There are no upfront costs involved with a solar lease, allowing homeowners to save money from day one.

In addition to only having to pay a fixed monthly lease payment, protecting them from rising energy costs and massive swings in the energy market, homeowners can also benefit from solar rebates for Arizona residents. Providers of Arizona solar panels are responsible for all of the risks and maintenance involved with owning a solar system, ensuring homeowners benefit from a system that is always maintained and working at optimal levels.

The cost of each solar lease varies depending on the size of the system and the Arizona solar panels provider, but if energy prices continue their historical price escalation, the average solar lease customer can expect to save thousands in energy costs over the length of their lease agreement.

A power purchase agreement is very similar to a solar lease agreement.

With a power purchase agreement, or PPA, solar panel providers secure the solar project funding, install the system, and sell the electricity generated from the solar system to the homeowner at a fixed price for a pre-determined length of time, which also insulates homeowners from rising energy costs. For Arizona residents who use their air conditioners non-stop throughout the sizzling summer months, the cost savings can be astronomical. Thanks to the number of solar rebates for Arizona residents and businesses available, these companies can provide endless energy for a fraction of the costs charged by utility companies.

Although solar leases are an ideal option for nearly every Arizona resident, selecting a solar system leasing company can be a difficult task.

In the end, it’s important that the solar system provider is financially stable, has a system of checks and balances in place, has years of experience leasing and installing solar systems, and only uses quality materials and equipment.

Thankfully, companies like Solar America have years of experience matching homeowners with qualified solar installers in Arizona, providing homeowners across the state with years of affordable Arizona solar energy.