SCE Solar Incentives Available to California Homeowners

Solar panel derived power is revolutionizing the self-sufficient and sustainable factor for the US home.

Supply power to your residence, while also reducing your current energy costs significantly. According to the Energy Information Administration the amount of solar power falling on the US in the space of one hour is enough home solar energy to meet the average annual power demand. Why aren’t more people taking advantage of this resource?

Making the switch has never been easier with Southern California Edison due to state wide incentives and rebates. Non-solar power companies are charging between 11.4 cents to 33 cents an hour, whereas the average charge of solar service providers is 10 cents to 20 cents an hour. The average household produces about 900 kWh annually. Electricity is becoming more expensive, and chances are the use of electricity will continue to rise as well. Most solar systems, dependent on the sunlight availability, can produce up to 450 kWh per month, which is nearly half of the average electric bill. In making an initial investment in a greener power source, you will save around 50% of your would-be electrical costs. The cost of electricity that is produced from a solar system does not increase over time. Some home solar programs offering a “net-metering” option that even make it possible for energy to be sold back to the utility company.

The California solar incentive is making it easier for California home owners to go green. This solar incentive is making it possible for homeowners to receive rebates, incentives, and savings on their Southern California Edison equipment. There are a variety different installation and incentive option to choose from for your home solar system.

With SCE, you will be eligible to receive rebates on your home solar equipment and installation. By being eligible for net energy metering, you, the homeowner will receive credit for the electricity produced by your solar system. So if you’re looking to save on power in 2014, or just going green, feel free to contact SCE with question about solar power home or business solutions.