There are a number of top Los Angels Solar companies offering excellent installation and leasing plans.

ANR Roofing &Solar

ANR Roofing &Solar is among LA’s top solar installers. The company employs lean, capable crews that can tear off and re-sheet an entire roof in a single day. The company services residential and commercial customers. ANR Roofing & Solar offers affordable plans for homeowners to switch to home solar.

Mimeos Sustainability Consultants

Mimeos Sustainability Consultants is committed to providing turn-key commercial and residential solar power solutions. Systems are designed with customer-affordability in mind. Experienced installation teams create an exceptional customer-service experience. The company has great rapport with it suppliers and can pass great pricing on to its customers. Mimeos Sustainability Consultants can provide a ton of referrals too.

Solar Forward

Solar Forward is an elite company that installs commercial and residential solar systems. As one of LA’s premier full-service solar installers, everything is covered from designing a system to installation, rebate paperwork and permit. The company offers a 25-year Power and Product Warranty. Homeowners are encouraged to call when designing their new home as the company is highly familiar with all building codes. Solar Forward can help ensure the home is solar ready and offer the very latest in environmental-design strategies. Older homes can benefit from the company’s installation services as well.

American Solar Direct

American Solar Direct provides a number of solar-related services, from custom design, professional installation and regular maintenance, to offering long-term warranties at no extra cost. Pricing options are flexible. The company’s free, no-obligation in-home analysis is an additional benefit to help customers get started

Solar City

Solar City installs solar panels for free. By leasing, customers can simply pay monthly for their clean, solar power. It is just like paying a utility bill–only lower in many cases. Customers can save money for years to come. Solar power leasing options can be a great way to lower bills and put hard-earned money back in the pocket where it belongs.

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