Top 10 Solar Installers in California


As one of the leading states in solar energy, California has no lack of solar installers. But which are the best, the most affordable, the most trustworthy? Here are 10 of the top companies for solar power in California. Click here to learn more.

10: Sullivan Solar Power

These solar installers are responsible for more than 14,000,000 watts of clean power throughout the San Diego area, making them by far one of the most prolific companies in SoCal.  Click here to learn more.

9: Clary Solar

Free estimates are only part of Clary Solar’s appeal. Interested parties can also expect financing options, Carbon Credit Offsets and zero money down on solar panel installments for their home or business. Click here to learn more.

8: SolarCity

One of the biggest success stories in the industry, SolarCity has grown from a small California solar company into a national corporation. They’re currently ranked #1 according to the California Solar Initiative (CSI) and routinely feature on websites such as Click here to learn more.

7: Sun Light & Power

No one can claim a history in solar energy like Sun Light & Power, which has been in business in 1976. They were going green before it the phrase ever appeared on a t-shirt!  Click here to learn more.

6: SPG Solar

Perhaps most recognizable by their former name, SunPower & Geothermal, SPG Solar has continued to work hard in the private sector to revolutionize California’s solar technology. They’re considered a real leader in renewable energy, not just in the Golden State but throughout the U.S.  Click here to learn more.

5: Real Goods Solar

RGS has contributed more than 10mw of clean power to the world, with 16,000 installations under their belt and a long trail of satisfied customers. Just ask NASA or Yale University: When they wanted solar energy, they called RGS first.   Click here to learn more.

4: Westinghouse Solar

Once a simple group of solar installers in South Bay, Westinghouse Solar has expanded their operations from home modifications to energy-efficient equipment design. They’re a prime example of how dedication to the environment can also turn a profit! Click here to learn more.

3: Solaire Energy Systems

Offering everything from photovoltaic panels to solar pool heaters, SEP prides itself on transforming residential homes into newer, more energy-efficient models. Get a quote for your own home by filling out the proper forms at or  Click here to learn more.

2: Stellar Solar

Looking for a trusted name in solar power? Stellar Solar is everywhere in California, including the Salk Institute, the Cedars-Sinai Hospital and the coastal branch of U.S. Foods.  Click here to learn more.

1: REC Solar, Inc.

One of the top companies for solar installation, REC Solar has been dominating the market since 1997, when they first opened their doors and gave new meaning to eco-friendly design. They’ve expanded their business through California and beyond, currently operating in a half-dozen states, including Colorado, Hawaii and New York.  Click here to learn more.

Now that you know where to get your solar installed, find out which is cheaper!  Click here to find out!