Tips For Selecting A Solar Installer


Before people accept any solar deals that are presented to them, they should put some energy into choosing a solar installer. If they cannot find a solar installer in their area, they should let their fingers do the walking on the Internet.

Keeping informed about current solar quotes as well as state and solar rebates are some of the important things that people should bear in mind when determining if solar energy is right for them. There are several tips that Solar America gives clients to help choose an installation company that meets their needs.


Some companies who distribute and manufacture renewable energy products offer formal classes and training. People should find out if their solar installer has the advantage of attending training courses provided by a solar panel manufacturer. Only a few training or formal degree programs in solar energy have been established.

The majority of these programs are new. Because of this, people should not be surprised if the expert that they have hired is self-taught. Like in lots of fields, experience is as important as classroom education.

Quality and Variety of Products

People should also determine the variety and quality of products that their installer carries. This will help them determine whether solar quotes are worth it. The more brands that they carry, the more likely they are to do the job perfectly.

However, variety is not as important as the quality of their products. An installation company may still be perfect if they only carry two brands as long as they work for a person’s system.

People should always research the controller, inverter and other components that their installer suggests. This will help determine if their products meet industry standards. If not, the installer’s solar deals are not worth a second look.


Each solar panel installation company is quite different from others. The more experience that they have with various panel systems, the more situations they will know how to troubleshoot. People should find out how many similar systems the installation company has successfully installed and designed.

New solar panel products also enter the market. Aside from that, new regulations are being established every year. An person who has performed a number of recent installations should be familiar with the latest code issues and the newest products.

Compare Apples to Apples

When choosing a solar installation company, people should make sure that they have received quotes for the solar project that they are looking at in the solar power system size. At the same time, they should make sure that all pricing is measured in alternating current watts. This is the power that their home appliances are running on. Some installation companies will try their best to inflate their system sizes by talking in direct current watts.

If Not Sure, Look for Help

The beauty of the Internet is that it can help an individual eliminate much of the guess work when it comes to finding solar panel installers. With websites such as Solar America, people can get matched with highly recommended and pre-selected solar installation companies.

This is because Solar America provides them with basic information based on the location and the installation project that they would like to be done. Results often come back to them within minutes or in a maximum of 24 to 48 hours, and qualified solar installation companies can start the process of bidding on their project within days.