The Awesome Results Of Going Solar!


Livin’ Ain’t Cheap!

The cost of living seems to increase every day. In the summer and winter months power companies also charge extra for their services and we can’t do much about it. Thankfully there are solar panels that can give us all of our needed power from the sun’s energy. Not many people have done some extensive research on solar panels, the purpose of this article is to spotlight the benefits of installing solar panels and using the free energy that the sun gives us.

Stick It To Global Warming

Power facilities shoot unimaginable amounts of greenhouse gases into the air. If left unattended to it is projected to cost society trillions of dollars. Installing some solar panels can help slow down the effects of global warming.

does good & Saves Money? is that possible?

Many people have traded the costly services of power companies for installing solar panels on their roof. While the start up cost for installing solar panels can be expensive the savings you get from them will be paid off sooner than you think.. The average amount people save in a 20 year time frame is about $20,000 or about $1,000 a year.

In the more populated states such as New York and Florida people are saving on average of $30,000, and people in the more sunny states save about $65,000. The government also provides numerous federal grants for installing solar panels, many of which actually pay you for having them!

Reliable Energy. laugh while your neighbors look for candles.

We have all had this happen, you’re sitting in your living room on the computer or watching TV and all of a sudden everything goes dark. People lose power all the time and you just have to sit there and wait until it comes back on, which can be life threatening to people with illnesses. We know what time the sun will rise and set on any given day.

However, clouds can be unpredictable, but there are projections on about how much sunshine a given area will receive during the year. With solar panels giving you a source of emergency energy when your power goes out they will turn it back on, which in some cases will save lives.

The future of solar energy will only get better, especially as the technology evolves.

The technology will become better and better and it will get cheaper and cheaper. Think of a future free from the grasps of greedy power companies, with people all using the free energy given to us by the sun.\