Angelina Jolie Shines Celebrity Status On Solar Power

Angelina Jolie and solar power in CaliforniaAcross California and beyond, many people love to keep up with their favorite stars. From copying their hairstyles and outfits to paying attention to the new projects they are working on, people are fascinated by celebrities. Some celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie, are known for promoting different causes and raising awareness to important issues. Recently, attention was drawn to her when she installed home solar panels on her California residence and discussed plans to open a theme park that runs off of solar power. With the attention that she has drawn to solar energy, many residents across the state are taking a closer look at this as a viable option for their home.

The Benefits of Solar Energy
Home solar energy usage in California has increased dramatically over the last decade, and the spotlight that Angelina Jolie has shone on green energy is only one of the reasons for its surge in popularity. Solar power is just one of several types of green energy that is available to local residents, but it is among the most common. Homeowners can invest in this form of green energy in multiple ways, and they generally can enjoy cost savings on their home energy bill for their efforts. The cost of investing in solar panels has decreased, and with the rising cost of energy rates in many areas, the benefits of using affordable green energy are increasing.

Different Ways to Invest in Solar Energy
In the past, when a homeowner wanted to take advantage of solar power at home, he or she had to purchase and install the solar panels on his or her own. Financing available for this type of project was generally available through a personal loan or by refinancing the property. There are now additional financing options in place for homeowners to benefit from, and homeowners can also choose to lease their home solar energy equipment rather than to purchase it. In addition, residents can also make a direct investment with a green energy company rather than make any alterations to their home, and this is another way that Californians can promote the use of green energy. With so many ways for individuals across the state and beyond to invest in this type of green energy, a greater number of people who want to benefit from green energy are now able to do so.

When celebrities promote causes, such as when Angelina Jolie installed solar panels on her home, the public spotlight often can be used for beneficial purposes. With the attention she has brought to green energy coupled with the new and beneficial ways that are now available for people to invest in solar power for their home, many Californians who research this option more thoroughly may determine that now is the ideal time to make a switch and to begin using green energy at home.

Photo By: Remy Steinegger derivative work: EnemyOfTheState (Angelina Jolie at Davos.jpg) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons