If Google is doing it shouldn’t you?

If Google is going solar, shouldn't you?In many instances, peer pressure to follow a leader is not beneficial and can be destructive, but peer pressure is not always a bad thing. For example, in the case of Google and its initiative to invest in green energy projects, following the leader may be beneficial in a number of ways. With a closer look at what this Internet giant and other similar companies like Apple are doing, homeowners may discover several different ways that they can invest in solar energy for a financial profit as well as to enjoy the benefits of a healthier planet.

What These Companies Are Doing
Companies like Google, Apple and others have taken great strides to invest in solar energy through various direct forms. They have installed solar panels at some of their facilities. In fact, Google currently has the largest system of solar panels in use at a commercial facility. Its Mountain View facility’s solar grid generates 1.9 MW of power. Taking advantage of a home solar energy system may help a homeowner to offset or eliminate the cost of a residential energy bill, but obtaining financing solar projects is often necessary due to the high up-front cost associated with the installation of a solar energy system. These companies are also investing in green energy in other ways. For example, Google is also investing in green energy projects close to its facilities, and it is enjoying a financial return by supporting projects that provide green energy to other companies and residences.

What a Homeowner Can Do
There are several steps that a homeowner can take when researching home solar energy projects. Investing directly in solar panels is one option. Homeowners can obtain a quote for the installation of panels on their property, and they can review terms for financing solar projects to determine if this is a cost-effective way to invest in green energy. If it is not, they can also consider investing in solar power through investment opportunities with green energy projects. They can provide the financing for solar energy projects to these companies, and through their investment, they can gain financially and promote the use of clean energy.

The fact is that Google, Apple and others are leading the way with their various initiatives in green energy investments. While these major corporations have deep pockets and can afford to install solar panels or to make huge investments in solar projects, even residents with significantly smaller cash reserves can follow suit on a smaller scale. By researching the various options available more thoroughly, homeowners in California and beyond can familiarize themselves with the options and may discover that a home solar energy investment is a financial feasible solution.