Stars going green? Celebrities love their solar homes in California

Stars going green? Celebrities love their solar homes in CaliforniaThe hot, new trend of ecological responsibility is catching on among the elite Hollywood set. Many actors and other famous public figures who work in California industries are taking themselves to task and remodeling their homes, both domestic and foreign, to adhere more closely to concepts that embody conservation and responsible resource management. In many cases, this includes switching from traditional energy sources that often rely on fossil fuels and natural gas, to solar panel power. Wind power is popular with some as well, though it typically relies more on location and wind currents of the surrounding environs. If you think many of these home improvements are only for the rich and famous, think again. Many celebrities urge their fans to follow where they’re going on the energy front, and using their massive influence for positive change.

Johnny Depp
Maybe it’s a little extravagant to own a whole island, but Johnny Depp has turned a conservative cheek. In partnership with Mike Strizki, founder of the Hydrogen House Project, he’s turned his 35-acre Little Halls Pond Cay into a self-sustaining mecca that runs on hydrogen solar cells. Now that’s home solar use at its finest!

Julia Roberts
This Pretty Woman went to extremes to ensure her new Malibu nest was an eco-friendly retreat. Using wood from a sustainable forest and recycled tiles, it’s packed with responsible features, such as solar panels installed on the roof.

Daryl Hannah
She’s making an impact by going off the grid completely in her idyllic Rocky Mountain abode. Home solar energy provides for her needs, a spring out back furnishes water, and a backup biodiesel generator kicks on in emergencies. These are just a few of the features that make her home such a unique domicile.

Rachel McAdams
Living far from California and the bustle of Hollywood in Canada, this Lady has a cause she’s passionate about. Her home utilizes solar panel power as an energy source, and she leads by example. Her bike is her steed of choice whenever possible, she unplugs appliances when not in use, and her car is electric. She believes that everyone can work to make a difference, no matter what their economic status or where they live.

Orlando Bloom
This gent is shooting straight with his newly completed London residence. He rebudgeted his construction plans to conform to eco-friendly mores that include features from solar panels to energy efficient light bulbs.

Ed Begly Jr.
This Hollywood mainstay has been reaffirming his commitment to the green movement for decades now. He and his wife live in a home that is as ecologically friendly as possible—from a solar panel powered outdoor oven to a picket fence made of recycled milk jugs.